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Musical memorabilia

We sell music, vinyl, CDs, tickets, posters and musical inspiration. We provide products to a range of different music tastes, but have a particular focus on punk and mod styles and bands of the day such as Joy Division, the Fall, the Specials, the Clash and the Jam.

Mod Revival bands

Not to be mistaken for mod artists, the mod revival is a term which refers to the era in the late 1970s where mod culture returned with a vengeance. Though it reached a peak only for a bit, the best mod revival groups still exist and have managed to influence younger bands. When the mod revival took place, predominantly in Britain, genres such as pub rock and punk rock exploded, the mod culture enjoyed its place in the sun. Blending vintage mod music with the punk and pub rock of the time, the mod revival looked back retrospectively. Interestingly this was the opposite of the original movement.


The punk subculture focuses on a loud and aggressive genre of rock music referred to as punk rock. Punk rock is generally played by small bands with a vocalist, one or two electric guitars, an electric bassist and a drummer. In many punk bands, the musicians add backup vocals, which normally consists of shouted slogans, choruses or football-style chants.

The punk rock scene in New York arose from a subcultural underground promoted by artists, reporters, musicians and a broad range of non-mainstream enthusiasts. The Velvet Underground's experimental and often melodic sound in the mid to late 1960s, largely relating to transgressive media work by pop artist Andy Warhol, is given credit for influencing 1970s bands like the New York Dolls, The Stooges and the Ramones. Early New York punk bands often didn’t last long because of the widespread use of recreational drugs, casual sex and deep — often violent — power struggles, but the popularity of the music brought about the evolution of punk into a lifestyle and movement.